Draw Texturised Yarn

Draw Texturised Yarn

On offer is a wide range from 50 to 1000 denier with Low intermingle (LIM) / Soft intermingle (SIM) , Non intermingle (NIM), High Intermingle (HIM) suitable for making polyester fabric for garments, furnishings, upholstery, dress materials, etc. This has become a preferred replacement of cotton and cotton blended yarns as it has very high durability, high retention properties and low moisture content. Bhilosa has also forayed into the cotton market with the manufacture of Super Micro Full Dull Yarn, a product that literally feels like cotton.

Capacity 638750 Metric, Tons Per Annum
Product Range: 50 – 1000 Denier
Type Semi Dull/ Full Dull/ Dope Dyed/ Bright/ Melange
Machinery EcoAalidhra


Best Drawn & Multi Textured Yarn!

Aadhya International is counted among the well-reputed drawn textured yarn  suppliers in India, that was established with the aim to build and grow as a leading market player in the contemporary era.

With our high-tech manufacturing facility, we excel in producing exceptional quality textile yarns throughout India, as we own advanced texturizing yarn machines including; Muriatic, Barman, & indigenous Alidoro, etc.

Our supplied Drawn textured yarn (DTY) is made with partially oriented yarn, that is also drawn and twisted with perfection. While the end product made is DTY, it also leads to the process of multi-textured yarn which is great for versatile uses since it can be molded in numerous ways.

What Makes Textured Yarn So Useful in the Industry?

The drawn texturized yarn from the house of Aadhya International can be prolific to your business not because it’s the most widely embraced texturing process in the textile industry, but because we obtain it using numerous polymers, rather only using thermoplastics.

Also, we use different heating techniques to make texturizing yarns highly suitable for the required applications. This is the reason; consumers approach us from different corners of the world to avail quality multi textured yarn.

What Do Our Texturizing Yarn Process & Applications Include?

At Aadhya International, our multi texturizing yarn process make yarns much denser, helps in improving the appearance/texture, and further increases the warmth and permeability. Our provided textured yarns comprise synthetic continuous filaments, which are then modified enough to impart the specific texture and appearance.

While manufacturing a scratched yarn, the surfaces are cut down from different intervals to provide an additional twist which ends up producing a hairy effect.

Our supplied drawn textured yarn is superbly handled using rich grade raw material, and latest technology to mainly use for; Braiding, Cordage, Webbing, Sewing, Knitting, Weaving, and Carpet purpose. We bet to provide you with unbeatable quality at the most reasonable prices for multi and Drawn textured yarn.

The drawn textured yarn obtained at Aadhya International is a multi textured yarn that is made with soft crimp, and texture that gives a natural feel, with high durability, and excellent retention properties. It is highly applicable for fabric end uses such as; tight-fit garments, outer/inner garments, furnishings, and upholstery, etc.

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