Textured Filament Yarn

Textured Filament Yarn

Available from 50D to 3000D in bright, Semi Dull, Cationic, Full dull and Dope Dyed

Capacity 6387506000 Metric Tons, Per Annum
Product Range: 110 – 1000 Denier
Type Slub/ Neps/ Long Slub/ Uneven Slub/ Dope Dyed
Machinery AIKI/ Aalidhra


Best Quality Textured Filament Yarn For Sale

The textured yarns are fully drawn, and a complete oriented polyester made with soft crimp, high transparency, high texture with a pure cotton feel, strong durability, and retention properties. At Aadhya international, we make all possible efforts to facilitate you with the most useful yet safe-to-use textured filament yarns, making us a leading textured yarns manufacturer. We manufacture supreme-quality yarn by texturizing Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) with high-speed texturising yarn machines. Our textured yarn is termed as 100% pure filament textured thread or overlock thread because it gives a soft feel and makes it perfect for use in the loops of overlocking and the cover seaming to provide softness and comfort. It is also commonly used in overlocking elastic fabrics used for making sportswear, knitted garments, children’s clothing, etc. Are you looking for the best soft textured yarns? Visit our website “”, get the winter range of textured yarn for sale.

What Is the Purpose of Making Texture Filament Yarns?

  • The prime purpose of producing the textured filament yarns is to create a bulky structure, which is required due to the following reasons;
  • The voids present in the structure marks the main source of providing good insulation properties to the material, as well as changes the density of the material, which makes it light in weight with good covering properties
  • The messy texturising yarn surface provides a single light reflection, which results in providing a required matte appearance
  • Its sponge-like structure provides a softer feel as compared to that lean twisted flat yarn
  • The crimped structure of texture filament yarn gives an inferior effective modulus of elasticity to the structure, unlike a flat yarn
  • Our supplied filament yarns are versatile to use in multiple applications, including; upholstery, drapery fabric, weaving /knitting fabrics, interior fabric, automotive fabric, sofa fabric, socks, garments, trimmings, bedsheets, elastic webbings, ribbons, ropes, etc.

Why Aadhya international’ yarn stand out as a successful manufacturer?

The key reason why Aadhya International stands in the list of successful textile yarn manufacturers is that our range of yarns is broadly used in different textile industries that deals in supplying weaving fabrics and making; bags, seat covers, clothes, home furnishings, and many other uses. As far as our other masterpiece of textured filament yarns is concerned, our textured yarn is popular and widely demanded by most consumers worldwide; since it is used for making fishing nets, ropes, high tenacity, and tire cord, it makes it an advantageous material. This massive range of our yarn products is highly admired for its incredible color fastness and comfortability.

The textured yarn for sale that we provide has wide varieties available in semi-dull and bright luster. The color master-batch is combined with raw material to make the dope dyed yarns, and it is also available in an international standard packing of 1.89 kg cone.

Product features:

  • Incredible seam coverage
  • Excellent elastic property
  • Extensive color range
  • High productivity chemical resistance

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